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LoveTest – Score Card

You’ve done it, Fika. Below, you’ll find your test results. Now you’ve got several options… You can choose another test for even more insight into your personality/relationship, find out about the meaning of your name or check the LoveThermometer to see how hot your relationship is.

LoveTest Results for:

Fika & M_ _

M _ _ loves you, Fika!

There are always ups and downs in every relationship. Although you think you know a lot about your partner already, you might want to spend some more quality time together. Love, trust, understanding, affection, honesty, tolerance and loyalty are very important factors for a successful relationship. Think about what’s still missing in your relationship and how you could improve it.


Your personality, Fika:

You have high standards and you insist on being treated with respect. There is no way you will compromise. You are sensitive, intellectual and you like parties and people. You are honest, direct and will bare your soul to those you care about. You are a very giving person, always willing to offer advice to those in trouble, You are quite capable of doing a man’s job and seldom pick your mate based on what he can do for you. You love to travel and must feel independent in your existence. You do require a great deal of love and companionship, however it must be on your terms. You are not that eager to marry and you seek intellectual stimulation foremost.

You tend to match up to most signs in a friendly manner, but when it comes to love some signs are better than others.

M_ _s personality:

When it comes to love you are always on the move, you can’t stand schedules or routine in any aspect of your life. You refuse to conform to a clock. You are likely to try to fit as much into your life at one time as possible. You are intelligent, love to communicate and you are extremely versatile and knowledgeable. You are a smooth convincing talker and can usually capture any female that interests you through communication alone. Your youthful nature is extremely appealing to most women. Your fun loving approach to life, your passion for parties and entertainment and your constant search to experience something new and different contribute to your charm. You have a great curiosity about women and will pursue someone that interests you while a challenge exists. Your staying power in a relationship is certainly not record breaking. You tire easily and will take off to pursue new interests if you get bored.

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